Physical Education PE

PE curriculum and facilities

The school has a timetable which schedules the classes’ PE time with specialist PE teacher ‘Eithne’ .

We cover the full curriculum of PE:-

Games net and raquet; eg badminton, short tennis

Striking; eg. Rounders

Invasion; eg hockey, basketball, soccer as well as modified games with

scooter boards etc for added agility.

Gymnastics , rolling balance, flight, matwork, jumping, and inversion

Dance individual, partner, group, Irish ceili , contemporary

Adventure and outdoor orienteering on our great campus which includes a woodland area; obstacle courses

Athletics running, jumping, throwing- indoor javelin and shot as well as target throwing

Circuit Training running, individual work, partner work, work with tubing, bands, pilates balls etc.

Whilst the emphasis is on participation of all pupils in PE from time to time small competitions are run within the school day in various sports and games. From time to time other specialists have been invited in to give valuable lessons in other activities such as Yoga, GAA, tennis, athletics etc.

Facilities include a PE hall 15x9m with a fully kitted out storage area. We have a fitness room, an outdoor gym, a range of bikes and go karts for active rewards, a safe and private walk in woodlands, along with 6 separate play areas with a range of climbing and playground equipment. The school also has a dedicated room for use with OT (occupational therapist) equipment and time with OT and Physiotherapist specialists who can supply a programme to work with specific pupils as required. On site the school also has sensory room scheduled for use to all classes, as well as art rooms and gardening tunnel and plot.

sample curriculum document :=====================================================

Scoil Triest Fitness room

Our fitness room is now located in the main school building inside pink room.

We have:-

2 cross trainers;

1 exercise bike;

1 rower;

1 health rider;

1 pilates ball;

1 mat for floor work

2 steppers

as well as a range of tubing, bands, and hand weights.

The senior pupils make great use of the fitness room with Eithne and/or class room staff.


Outdoor Gym new from Sept 2016

The school recently has had an outdoor gym installed in the middle playground.

This is similar to the apparatus seen in many parks around the city and county and has got off to a great start with many classes using the gym with both Eithne and class staff.

There are 6 machines :- a bike, cross trainer, stepper, rowing machine ,

chest press and chest pull.

Pupils go out and spend a few minutes on each piece of apparatus working either for time or counting repetitions before changing until all the circuit is complete.


Run the Lee, Gouganne Barra to Sea…… (and on to Orla’s fun run April 6th!!)

During the months of February to April ie between half term and Easter, we have been and continue to participate in our  run programme. This year we are running the distance of the Lee ( approx 100km ) from where it rises in Gouganne Barra to Cork harbour and beyond- out to sea.

Each class runs for 5 minutes at the start of PE. The number of laps run is recorded and printed on to the posters on the noticeboard under the map of the LEE. We know that each lap of the blue line in the hall is 35m so we can calculate the total distance run by each class each time.

The river is then painted in at the end of the week by runner of the week..  see photos below for progress.

Final distances of classes will be uploaded at the end of the week.

week 1.  distance run = 19.2kms.                     

week 2 distance this week 16.255km  grand total = 35.4 55kms   

week 5 distance run this week 25kms grand total = 82.740kms  

week 6 distance run this week, 18.8kms..

GRAND TOTAL = 101.540kms