Physical Activity

Active rewards at Scoil Triest


We feel it is good practice to actively reward pupils when they achieve a goal or objective and do  good work at school.

Our active rewards include bike time, go cart time, fitness room or outdoor gym , walking, skipping, basketball, climbing frames or playground time also are used to reward and encourage pupils as well as increasing their activity time.


The sensory garden

The sensory garden has been a feature of the school for some years. It is tended to by classes and parents as well as Jess the gardening teacher.

All our pupils love to spend time here interacting with the plants , stepping stones, water and sound  features as well as the wibbly bridge.


Halloween 2016

Its not all ghosts and Ghouls at Scoil Triest this Halloween.

Our pupils got the better of the pumpkins as they rolled them down the hall to score strikes, spares and a couple of ducks.

We had a selection of pumpkins and a set of skittles set up in the hall and the pupils enjoyed bowling the pumpkins to try and knock down as many skittles as they could. No score was kept but Eithne definitely won !

We also only had one casualty in the proceedings as one pumpkin was burst after an extra strong throw.

What was discovered was that pumpkins do not always go in the direction they are rolled in as they bobble along. Great fun.


Christmas activities!!

This year for the run up to Christmas we are running our 12 days of fitness programme!!!

How to play:

The song to use for this is “the 12 days of Christmas” but with some words changed …ie

“On the first day of fitness my teacher made me do….”

12 jumping jacks

11 raise the roofs (arms overhead, palms to the ceiling and push up & down)

10 knee lifts

9 side bends

8 jogs on the spot

7 punches in the air

6 kicks to the front

5 hula hoops (imaginary hula hoops)

4 jumping rope (imaginary rope)

3 muscle poses

2 scissors (feet apart then cross in front, feet apart then cross in back).

1 stork stand (balance on one foot).

Each class could do as much or as little of the song as they felt they could do. The aim was to get through the whole song properly by the Christmas holidays!

On the last day of school Dec 22nd we all assembled in the hall for a whole school rendition of the 12 days of fitness. Eithne, accompanied by Glenn, Innosen and Krystina led the way in song and exercises.

 In total we had approx 50%of all the pupils exercising in the hall together. Merry Christmas to all!


Student wins at taekwon-do

In November Krystina won her medal for patterns in Taekwondo at the Irish International Championships. We were all very proud of her.





We are very excited to be continuing our new Activity Initiative – Super Troopers in our school. This programme encourages children and their families to become more active and learn about healthy lifestyles. The programme includes short burst, fun activities around physical activity, well being and nutrition. We began by including some of the activities in school PE last term to introduce these to the pupils. Now we are expanding to include sending home the wall chart and the journals at regular intervals to let you see your child’s progress.

Every child in our school has received a Super Trooper’s Activity Journal  which includes short activities to do each day in school. Children can complete these fun activities in school and at home or get their family & friends involved using the wall activity chart. The journal is to be sent home each week or month dependant on the class involved. More information and some great ideas for recipes, easy exercises and family activities on




Scoil Triests Activity Trail !!

February sees the launch of our new Activity Trail around the grounds of LOTA campus.

After a delay waiting for permission from Brothers of Charity we are very pleased to say that permission was granted and now the posters are being erected on trees and walls and posts all over the campus. many pupils walk and jog around the campus already , so we are adding to their walks regardless of if they are PE walks or nature walks.

The idea is that pupils on arriving at a poster will choose how many of that activity they complete ( 5,10, 20, 30+ ) .   The poster activities are all named ( jumping jacks, lunges, warrior pose(yoga) etc) so it is an activity, literacy and numeracy trail all at once.

Good Luck Everyone.



How many posters have you found?




January /February sees the return of the staff tournament of Stinky pie Hockey in the hall.

We have 3 tables:- , 2 with four classes; and 1 with three classes.

The Games are played with staff and sometimes pupils , each game lasts 1 minute. and are played best of three. Pupils have been coming up to support their staff and even some have brought up mascots and posters to wave around for the atmosphere.  The winner of each table go through to the GRAND FINAL to be held Thursday 2 March.

Junior  winners …  YELLOW




Middle  winners…  TURQUOISE




Senior  winners…    GOLD


results will be announced soon!………………………….

Results are in.

After a nail biting final with a three way round robin, we have clear winners winning both their games 2 nil. TURQUOISE walked away with the stinky pie cup the sweets and the title Stinkers 2017


Yellow came second and third place was Gold. Well done to all the teams and to Chris who was the only pupil in the final teams!

Can’t forget Jen( super sub who managed to play in nearly every team it seems!!)



When:-     Friday 10th March

Where:-    School hall

Who:-       Whole school

After practicing the 10@10 for the week in their individual classrooms the big day arrived!

On Friday 10th March Scoil Triest like so many other schools in the country took part in 10@10.

Any pupil wishing to take part came into the hall, and the over head projector was switched on . Everyone joined in with the screen athletes to produce our own 10 minutes of exercise .. Scoil Triest style.



St Patrick’s Day celebrations

Céili Mór


We are celebrating St Patrick’s Day in school with a Céili in the hall. Thursday 16th 2.20.

Any pupil who wishes to dance or just enjoy the music and craic will be coming to the hall to participate in  the dances we have been practicing in March , namely ‘Teresa’s Two Step’ ( named by Blue Class!!) and ‘The Siege of Scoil Triest’.

the ceili proved very enjoyable with over 40 pupils attending and dancing. Happy St Patrick’s Day!!


     Run the Lee , followed by The first Scoil triest FUN RUN

The Lee run was undertaken each week from February to Easter:- 6 weeks in total. As detailed in PE section, classes ran around the hall each week for a specific time.  A tally was kept and distance converted to Km along the LEE. After 6 weeks we had run the distance of the LEE (90KMs) and a bit extra. This was a non competitive whole school event and garnished great interest in the River LEE.

To finish off the school organised a Fun Run. We all walked the 2Km to the back Lane and then ran down in organised supervised groups. The Fun Run was school leaver Orla’s New Year wish, although everyone who joined in enjoyed it too. In total , over 40 pupils ran/jogged and walked the fun run. This was finished off with an ice cream van so even the non-fun runners could enjoy the treat and the day.

Below is our wall of Happy Feet!!