Active School Flag

Active school flag

Scoil Triest is an active school. We pride ourselves on our attention to the physical well being of our pupils.  We have a comprehensive PE curriculum as well as integration of activity in several forms including movement breaks, and active rewards  and scheduled fitness programmes.

We have won the active school national competition twice and have been in possession of our first Active School Flag since 2013. To win the flag the school needed to demonstrate to a panel that we have a dedicated approach to providing time and resources to our pupils’ physical time table.

Now our our Active school flag is now up for renewal , we feel that this is a reflection of our dedicated approach to providing and encouraging physical activity in each and every form for all our pupils .

Click on the link below to find out more about the Active School Initiative

Active School Week April 24-28th 2017

This year we are going to do a heptathlon across the school. There are points for each activity completed for each pupil with bonus points available where earned.

Points are as follows:-

Basketball hoop = 2 points per basket scored

Run / brisk walk = 10 points per minute non stop

Stepper = 1 point per step

Swim = 5 points per width swum/1 point per width walked

Skipping = 1 point per skip (either independent/paired skipping)

Either skip with rope or hoop is acceptable.

Bonus points for 10@10 = 10 points per 10@10 completed in the classroom. See rte operation transformation 10@10

Activities will be rotated around the school but swimming is obviously during swim time, so please keep account of widths scored.

Junior ( blue/yellow/green)

Middle (silver/orange/turquoise/purple)

Senior (red, white, rainbow, gold)

Equipment will be left in communal areas as much as possible to share .

Please return it to its resting place asap after use.


The above ASW was a great success.

all the classes greatly increased their activity levels and some pupils tried some new activities with positive results.

Scores will follow shortly….